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Mailing Address: If you want/need to write to us, please send your letter to Kuneo Koei, 3002 South Jefferson Avenue, Office #2203, Saint Louis, MO 63118 — On average, we expect to receive letters of a Business or Legal nature (so please know that anything you have to say will be a welcome surprise). Please email us first if you intend to send packages that include weighted contents (i.e. CDs, Videos, etc.) — We may have another location we’d prefer to receive those parcels at.

It is NO secret to anyone that knows or follows us that we’re for the most part, anti-social (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.) — It isn’t about thinking we’re better than anyone. Many people are very good at utilizing and spreading contents across the Web 2.0 spheres. With that said, if you’re one of these individuals and want to tell the world about something we’re doing then by all means, do so. Powers that be willing, we’ll be here to continue delivering high-quality materials (keep our fingers crossed, aye?):

Telephone: +1 (718) 215-9939

By using the form below, you'll be making direct contact. Please be sure to leave your email and website address if your subject pertains to licensing, business, or booking.



Contribute any amount of money towards the continued production and promotion of our music, writings, or services and receive a permanent "producer" 'credit' (any dollar amount).

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