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Who Am I

I am a Word-Commander. I believe in helping others be excellent. I entertain as a public-service. I'm an underground cultural-arts advocate, sometimes surfacing my head in pop-culture. I reach to outperform and undo “corporate” evils against ‘artistic’ individuals and expression. My Official Business Name is MMP Publishing which is the creative-writing brand for my company, Kuneo Koei. As a Musician, I play Flute, Piano, and I Sing. NO Auto-Tune Here!

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What I Do

I make and share an assortment of Poems, Stories, and songs that cross the themes of drama, crime, psychological-horror, and science-fiction. Imagine Stephen King and David Lynch getting drunk in The Twilight Zone (general idea anyway). I also help produce and distribute my music contributions to Supervisors of Film, TV, Video-Games, and related fields (also for direct-buying via the internet).

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Why You're Here

I'd like to believe it's because I create Anti Hollywood-Formula Writings (what is Hollywood-formula?) and because I aim to inspire and re-invent reading experiences however I can.

You just came for the free doughnuts, didn't you? Well, alright then!

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-- I usually give my writings away for free so, "Don't expect much filtering." -- I'm not looking to play-it-safe. I'm looking to share my ideas and perspectives without worrying about the status-quo...

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