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Tag: secret silence

More Live Music, More Updates, More Bologna!

——————– A very special thanks to the staff of Brewskeez Sports Bar in O’ Fallon, MO (near St. Charles, MO), Eric Lozano (Guitarist, Party-Animal, Infectious), Tim Colyer (Photographer-Maximum-Optimum), and Lance Magic (Audio Engineer Extraordinaire) for making the sounds and visuals of our performances possible; without the opportunities that put us in the spotlight, we are […]

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Live Gigs, Quick Updates, Free Downloads, Great Reads, Jesus At A Bar? (Come And See)

——————– Before we say anything, we want to thank Eric Lozano, Tim Colyer, Scott (the Sound-Man), and the staff of Brewskeez Sports Bar in O’ Fallon, MO (near St. Charles, MO) for whom without their ideas, initiation, and support, none of what you’re about to read would be possible. THANK YOU, for making everything fun […]

Culture Art

The entertainment industry is about a lot of things that are “not seen” – It is tiring to work in it for so long that you finally “pop” but man, is it ‘exhilarating’. The red-carpet pedestrians don’t get it, they’re just visitors; the lot and the lock and holds could give a rat’s rear; and […]

I Don’t Live “There” Anymore

There was this moment when I lived “there”. Everyone purported to have goals, dreams, ambitions, tenacity; but in the end, many of all things fell nowhere, and the place I needed to be was not in sight; I was “lost” with nothing but ‘fearless’ energy and sentiment for revolution and prosperity. A kind that would […]

More Radio Play Coming

Hej, I sent out a quick note about some places where you can go and hear high-quality versions of my latest tracks, which includes a few places where you can send requests (which is extremely cool). There are not enough places that interact with you, the songs, and the whole community, live-on-air, so head on […]

The Person, The Artist

It is more ‘musician-like’, “ALWAYS”—to say, “Mine is better”—there are NO EGO PROBLEMS in the dog-eat-dog worlds of entertainment and ‘rising to the top’. Who the f*ck came up with this scenario? It is all about challenges (period), so if I think my version is better than yours, so be it; “prove me wrong”, and […]

Sekrett Scilensce and Mary Margaret Park (August 2012 Blogs)

The Sekrett Scilensce and Mary Margaret Park blog entries for august 2012 have been finalized and are available for public viewing. Covering a range of commercial and interpersonal perspectives, the entries carry a varied assortment of announcements, satire, humor, and prestige for readers, listeners, and rabid blog enthusiasts to enjoy. Updates for Mary Margaret Park […]


At the edge, you look around and see no options; but you care, selfishly, or altogether; but you care. When someone seems not to care, you try to be sure that they in-fact, “do care”, but when they show you something different from caring, you try to understand (if you care) and then, you become […]

Springfield (e-serial #6)

6. Jeff was an absent minded windup doll these days, and sometimes, in the middle of a conversation, his face would go blank for a couple of beats, as if he’d checked-out and wasn’t planning to return anytime soon. A second or two would pass and he’d come back, be up and running, and Judy […]

Genuine Laughter

People make me laugh (in general), and it isn’t derogatory. I was listening to someone go on and on about the InfoWar, the mass Psy-Op of our existence—did he just realize this?—you don’t have to learn anything; it is evident nowadays. Plastic politicians, canned insert-food-here, pornography everywhere (even radio) and alas, a majority of society […]