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Contribute any amount of money towards the continued production and promotion of our music, writings, or services and receive a permanent "producer" 'credit' (any dollar amount).

Tag: poet

Poem: Masque Executiom (By Mary Margaret Park)

“Masque Executiom” by Mary Margaret Park purity a divisive construct paraded by lesser men when disillusionment reigns the mask of the executioner – – – – – – – – – - Contribute any amount of money towards the continued production and promotion of our music, writings, or services and receive a permanent “producer” ‘credit’ […]

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Poem: “The New Working Class Poor” (by Mary Margaret Park)

“The New Working Class Poor” by Mary Margaret Park sucking up futures with slot machine wiles pop go the weasels with painted on smiles our congress sold out to big bidders in suits we’re choking and gasping our heads in their noose keepers of fortunes that we’ll never know purveyors of privilege and grifters of […]

Into 2012 With a Bang

So some arsehead said, “Hey, Happy New Year” with a sarcastic grin. Man, f*ck that guy. Let’s see what types of optimisms we can share. For one, I’ll be administering many of my creations as “free” downloads for all of you to enjoy throughout 2012. We’re talking cross platform (home-computers, mobile, tablets) and maybe some […]

End Of Year Updates Almost Done

It is still unbelievable that 2012 is right around the corner (damn!), but that’s okay. There are so many items on my list to give back to all of you that in reality, it is really all that should matter at this juncture. A lot of old paradigm minded suits will balk at the notion […]

Moving To Free Digital Access Paradigms

We hope your Holidays have been going well. Can you believe 2012 is right around the corner? (Holy H*ll!) – Ja, we can’t either! So what will 2012 bring besides another year? Well, for starters, it is going to be a year where we give back to all of you by offering the ability to […]

Fun and Fluff: “Don’t Tell This Momma’ She Can’t Fly!” (Mary Margaret Park) [WW2 F4U-1A "Corsair" Video]

Mary Margaret Park has released a video, showing off her WW2 F4U-1A “Corsair” piloting skills, and she hopes to frighten a few flyboys in the process. The Japanese “Zero” beater was a very advanced craft, primarily serving in the Pacific operations of WW2 and sometime later during the Korean and early Vietnam wars. She salutes […]


We still get a lot of questions regarding our social-networking and social-media outreach (as we have been hesitant to adopt many advised and suggested applications), and our answers shall remain the same. Because we are more ‘quality minded’ and less ‘quantity minded’, there will continue to be thresholds that we “cannot” cross, be it regarding […]

Poem: “Corporation Wars” (by Mary Margaret Park)

“Corporation Wars” by Mary Margaret Park corporations turn on a dime slap backs and greenbacks they’re robbing you blind enron beginnings etched in the sand with tacit impunity they shape the land fat cat opportunists seize the dollars decline to downsize and justify the end of overtime they’ll exploit you use you run you into […]

Poem: “He Loves Women” (by Mary Margaret Park)

He loves women Beautiful women It’s in the smell of her hair and the feel of her skin The sway of her hips and the tilt of her chin It’s in the stride of her step and the shape of her calve The spark of her eyes and the sound of her laugh He loves […]

Poem: “Reflections” (by Mary Margaret Park)

reflections of humanity like falling rain insignificant minutes pour through our fingertips like rain reflections of you and I and the people we love droplets in time hours eclipse into nothingness like heat lightening on a summer evening their impressions flashing into oblivion at the speed of light posing questions… the answering echoes of thunder […]