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Tag: mary margaret park

Mary Margaret Park: “Lady Lenore” (Poem)

As part of our newer methods for enabling our songs/writings to you, which will work on any devices you own, be they Desktops, Laptops, Mobile-Phones, or Tablets, we have a Poetry release titled, “Lady Lenore” which you can read via this article and then afterwards, you may click to the full-page presentation which includes a […]

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More Live Music, More Updates, More Bologna!

——————– A very special thanks to the staff of Brewskeez Sports Bar in O’ Fallon, MO (near St. Charles, MO), Eric Lozano (Guitarist, Party-Animal, Infectious), Tim Colyer (Photographer-Maximum-Optimum), and Lance Magic (Audio Engineer Extraordinaire) for making the sounds and visuals of our performances possible; without the opportunities that put us in the spotlight, we are […]

Mary Margaret Park: “My 20/20 Mind’s Eye Hindsight” (I)

Phytoplankton, that’s what I felt like, like some small inordinate creature in a lagoon, and I was being gobbled by sharks. These days, I had come more and more to that conclusion, not that it mattered much, not that anyone could understand. These days, the only thing that seemed to calm my stilling nerves were […]

A Poem of “Pop” and ‘Praise’: Mary Margaret Park (What Should I Call It?)

“Untitled Poem” by Mary Margaret Park ———- you your ebb and flow surmounts and rages within me like golden kisses in the rain and feathered tear drops upon my skin there is nothing that surpasses our connection and so this humble plea garners your affection should you remember that we are ‘one’ and ‘one’ are […]

Mary Margaret Park: “Ethics” (A Writer’s Fury Part III)

Indeed, whether it’s material, societal, or taboo etc., the cultural pendulum sways back and forth, its determinate factor largely a matter of ‘perspective’, and whence one lands to collect the ‘booby prize’, 1st place is the freedom to have another ‘go’ at the proverbial ‘rat race’, 2nd place, down into ‘the pit’. Come to think […]

Live Gigs, Quick Updates, Free Downloads, Great Reads, Jesus At A Bar? (Come And See)

——————– Before we say anything, we want to thank Eric Lozano, Tim Colyer, Scott (the Sound-Man), and the staff of Brewskeez Sports Bar in O’ Fallon, MO (near St. Charles, MO) for whom without their ideas, initiation, and support, none of what you’re about to read would be possible. THANK YOU, for making everything fun […]

Making Some Moves, Reflecting A Tad

Business people have these monikers, strategies, labels, paradigms, and proverbial-condoms for just about everything and anything but, what they don’t have in today’s world…”substance”. Look at it this way, at the end of the day, I’m a f*cking musician (plains and simple). My skills or merits or special-powers mean nothing if I can’t deliver or […]

Election 2012 Insights From Sekrett Scilensce And Mary Margaret Park

Sekrett Scilensce and Mary Margaret Park have updated their blogs with insights and perspectives they carry regarding the upcoming 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. With waves of uncertainty soaring across the internet and within most communities who actively participate in the process, the focus of our members has been mostly fitted with regards towards ‘Neutrality’ vs. […]

Mary Margaret Park: “Springfield” (E-Serials #1 — #20)

Mary Margaret Park has released e-serials #1 thru #20 of “Springfield” via her official website. Beginning with installments leading up to #13, the story has focused on two individuals, Judy and Jeff, struggling to hold their marriage together while their hometown enters a period of elite power struggles and community hardship. To read these entries, […]

October 2012 Airplay

“The Freedom Chimes” and “Robot-Mind Robot-Eye” will begin airing across 50 radio stations (beginning today, October 1st, 2012) throughout the entire month; it will be featured on K-Jag (via the TalkRadioX networks) and is as well available on an individual sale basis at most digital-download stores for music. Keep your eyes here at our official […]