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Tag: Mary Margaret Park (Author & Poet)

Free Sheet-Music: “What One Warrior Saw”

I recently did some soundtrack work for my ‘partner in crime’. I enjoy it immensely, but we don’t always ‘hear’ things the same way, which can be frustrating, especially after the umpteenth “take”. We were working on his orchestral score, recording the flute parts, and it was obvious on the initial stripe that we had […]

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“Save Your Servants” (by Mary Margaret Park)

It is as if we believe our ‘sight’ is the only ‘sight’—thus we believe we have the ability to discern friend from foe, having appointed ourselves as executioners of our destiny. The ‘ONE’ future we believe possible, excluding ‘all others’, we search for the eyes of the enemy, all the while forgetting that the ‘eyes’ […]

“The Freedom Chimes” (Revisit)

Well, we’re basically into a month of airplay on “The Freedom Chimes” and impressions seem very good across the board. Different companies stream at different bit-rates, and so the sense of ‘Control’ over any such instances is never there, but of course, I can always load everything up here direct (so we’re all good). I’m […]

Sorrow’s Circles

“Sorrow’s Circles” by Mary Margaret Park it is the rhyme of reason and the reason of rhyme that tows the line yet knows no time it is the some days’ child and the child ‘someday’ that mends the breach with ‘hopes’ to teach that sparkles moon beams beyond the beach whilst runners roll in the […]

Election 2012

I’d like to write something encouraging about the three ring circus of governmental elections here in America, but I’m at loss for much to say, except that I believe the system is broken, and that most of us would be better served if we became servants of one another in our families, neighborhoods, and communities. […]

Springfield (E-Serial #1 — #20)

In a town destined with answers, these are the friends and families, living in a time and place, where legacies are made and lost every hour; they’ve come to ponder their existence, and the only question that remains has become, “Is hope real?” These are the citizens of a land we call, SPRINGFIELD… __________ 1. […]

“The Freedom Chimes” (October 2012 Airplay)

“The Freedom Chimes” will begin airing across 50 radio stations (beginning today, October 1st, 2012) throughout the entire month; it will be featured on K-Jag (via the TalkRadioX networks) and is as well available on an individual sale basis at most digital-download stores for music. Keep your eyes here at my official website or also […]

“Pharmacy 7” By Mary Margaret Park | Gather

The dedicated website for “Pharmacy 7” has been updated and has received a review via Gather. Synopsis: At the core of Human health problems is the desire by others to profit. A machine lurks, taking souls hostage. Corporations power this with greed and unending battles for expansion and control. When the system breaks and all […]

“The Road Avenger” By Mary Margaret Park | Gather

The dedicated website for “The Road Avenger” has been updated and has received a review via Gather. Synopsis: The world’s become overrun by violence and corruption. From the highest political ranks to the lowest street level peddlers, what one does to survive is the distance between living and dying. Meet Blake Sanders, a man whose […]

“Shadow Cure” By Mary Margaret Park | Gather

The dedicated website for “Shadow Cure” has been updated and has received a review via Gather. Synopsis: Caught between his sister’s failing health and his family being torn apart, Lao devises a plan to help raise money and save her – He goes to war with the prizefighters who brawl in pit-fights across the city […]