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Natural Songs, Stories, Philosophies

Who We Are

We’re an underground cultural-arts advocate, sometimes surfacing our heads in pop-culture. We don't like Auto-Tune (what is auto-tune?) so, we create sounds that are epic, edging on passion-overload. We don't like Hollywood-Formula Writings/Films (what is Hollywood-formula?) so, we create stories we think are cool (not bounded by industry-rules) and, we share our thoughts exactly how they occur to us.

What We Do

After we finish creating our songs, we try to license them to Supervisors of Film, TV, Video-Game, Mobile, Business, and Marketing industries (and for direct-buying via the internet). We publish our writings online, mostly for people who like to say, "Whoa, did I just read that?"

Why You're Here

We'd like to think it's because we entertain as a public-service. We aim to inspire and re-invent listening and reading experiences however we can.

What You'll Need

We can safely say, "We're always in the tool-shed." -- We'll try to keep this section updated with new creations as often as possible. Find something of ours that you think should be on the front-page? Tell us!

We usually give our writings away for free so, "Don't expect much filtering." -- We're not looking to play-it-safe. We are looking to share our ideas and perspectives without worrying about the status-quo however...







By doing what we do as a company, "We serve YOU better." -- We're confident that once you hear what we're doing and get a feel for how we present things, "YOU WON'T feel like you had to jump through hoops or give away YOUR Soul to enjoy our Art."

Secret Silence (Sekrett Scilensce Associates)

Lead in-house Musician and Business Development Member

A music and audio innovator who specializes as a Composer and Producer of Classical and Electronic Eurasian crossover songs. An Anti Auto-Tune entity. An aggressive associate of music-licensing catalogue expansion for the Kuneo Koei brand (as well trading under the Sekrett Scilensce name).


Mary Margaret Park (MMP Publishing)

Lead in-house Writer and General Management Member

also Mad-Scientist

A wordsmith; an Author and Poet who specializes in Psychological and Experimental Fiction crossover writings. Also a music-team contributor (Flute, Vocals); an Anti Auto-Tune advocate. A neutral associate for the Kuneo Koei brand (also trading in conjunction with goods/services produced by or under-licensed by our entity).


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Email: admin@kuneokoei.com

Phone: (718)215-9939

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